Mogul(s) of the Month

Time flies really fast! We are 2 years old this month. wiCOM or Women In Commerce, established 2 years ago, is a strategic initiative under the International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry Malaysia (IWFCIM) – a global non-governmental, non-profit organization with 13 chapters all over the world, supporting women entrepreneurs. The vision of the IWFCIM is to be a socially responsible one stop center supporting women entrepreneurs to prepare, promote and position their businesses from inception to global market players and leaders. The goal of wiCOM is to provide a platform for women entrepreneurs to get together and discuss issues, challenges and obstacles that they face in their entrepreneurial journey. A strong support system, wiCOM has invested a total of 288-man hours to date, engaging and discussing issues on belief system, core competencies, embracing healthy competition, engaging with partners and stakeholders, accessing markets, accessing funds and being socially responsible. We are blessed to be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs supporting each other. We applaud all the contributions and we look forward to inculcating many more years of friendship. Indeed, we are better together. #iwfcim #iwfcimwicom #august2019mogulsofthemonth #empowerwomen #entrepreneurs

Belief System

Core Skills

Partners & Stakeholders


Access to Market

Access to Funds

Being Socially Responsible